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Nexolub supplies a broad line of maintenance products that find applications in loaded mechanical equipment. About Us Our offering includes high-grade

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Take advantage of almost 30 years of significant industry experience and best practices in industrial lubrication and maintenance Lubrication Services We will be glad to answer your questions

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The products we recommend for your equipment and applications are selected based on the information and input you provide to us. Their full implementation will guarantee your success in achieving a sustainable mechanical performance. Our product is your investment, and from this investment you can expect to see some of the following benefits:

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Client Testimonials

  • Large Steel producer

    We’ve been using your Nexolub CS 1.5 high temperature grease for 8 years in our Danieli continuous caster with great success.
    Lubrication Services Manager
  • Paper plant

    Soon after we applied your grease in the press roll bearings, vibrations went down considerably and stayed there. It saved us from stopping production in our paper machine.
    Maintenance Manager
  • Large Aggregates Group

    The lubricant was a great success. The roaring of the bearings lessened greatly, and they are still running over a year later with lower metal counts.
    Maintenance Manager

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